Wall Mural Challenge!

Find inspiration on the wall


Honoring our American Flag 🇺🇸 

By Jasmine Willis

I feel these beautiful works of art go unnoticed by so many people.
When I was a student at Batavia GCC we did a photoshoot called Discovering Batavia.

There were several lovely wall murals on the sides of buildings as we walked a few blocks towards the forgotten parts of the town.

Therapy on the canvas

I often wished I had the talent these people do to make something so beautiful. These images are often used as a way to express whatever the artist is feeling or have their voices heard.

Like so many other things wall murals are seemingly lost in time.
Someone may purchase the building it is painted on and sadly paint over it.

This in my opinion is not only heartbreaking but unwise.

To paint over someone’s voice is un-American.


Now I am not talking about graffiti, which can be very damaging to peoples property. I am talking about am image painted to inspire the community. I am talking about an actual work of art. Like the images above .

I challenge all of you to take a walk around your community … Find these images on your buildings and discover your home. One day you may go back for some nostalgia, and they will simply be gone.

2 thoughts on “Wall Mural Challenge!”

  1. You have an amazing talent to bring to light the hidden world we often don’t take time to see. I love this article and I hope it inspires many to do just that. The more people who notice the beauty around them sometimes on an old building sometimes on the side of an alley building,the more people who will give voice to protect the art.

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